Net Schedule, Net Control Officers

This page lists the next few months of the net calendar, the schedule of net control officers, and other information such as the preamble, and so on.

This is obviously a work-in-progess.

Net Control Officers:

Sunday:Bud, W7CWY
Monday:Jerry, W6OVH
Tuesday:Jim, W7ZHQ
Wednesday:Art, K7RTY
Thursday:Ole, WV7B
Friday:Mike, KK7N
Saturday:Joe, K7JAL

Net Schedule Calendar

Net Protocol

Text in this color below are guidelines for the net control, they are not part of the preamble or postamble.


QST! QST! QST! Calling all Northwest Country Cousins -- this is station CALLSIGN, cousin NAME, located at YOUR QTH. Your net control for the Northwest Country Cousins.

We meet starting at 7:00 PM Pacific time each evening on or near the frequency of 3968 KHz.

Our motto is: "Service and help to all. When in need call a country cousin."

This is not a traffic net but emergency traffic will be handled, breaks will be recognized when your call sign is given.

Visitors are welcome and membership into the Northwest Country Cousins requires four out of five consecutive check-ins on the same night of the week.

The officers of the net are:

President:cousin Ole,WV7B
Vice President:cousin Bryan,KG7CUL
Secretary/Treasurer:cousin Bud,W7CWY
Project Manager:cousin Wally,KC7FTS

This is station CALLSIGN now listening for mobile or emergency powered stations only. Please come in with your callsign. [Ask for any relays]

This is station CALLSIGN calling for the Net Secretary/Treasurer report.

This is station CALLSIGN calling for the Project Manager's report.

Are there any fills required for this/these projects?

If any station has new projects, please call our Project Manager Jerry, KA6WYX, who will handle it off frequency with you.

This is station CALLSIGN calling for stations with net business only!

This is station CALLSIGN, cousin NAME now calling for net members only. Please come in with your callsign and number. [Acknowledge those logged. Ask for any relays. Take the first group, then call for check-ins again. Always acknowledge those logged. Ask for relays after each group and periodically check for strikers and visitors.

It is suggested that each net control station read the postamble approximately 10 minutes before closing the net.


The Northwest Country Cousins network meets each evening at 7:00 PM, Pacific time, on or near the frequency of 3968 KHz.

Our motto: "Service and help to all, when in need call a country cousin."