Welcome to the Northwest Country Cousins Web Site. The Northwest Country Cousins is an amateur radio directed net that meets each evening on or near the frequency 3968 KHz at 7:00 PM pacific local time.

Mission Statement

The Country Cousins Net is an international group of amateur radio operators recognized by the ARRL and dedicated to serve and help our fellow man. We are not a traffic handling net but we will handle any emergency traffic without delay. Our motto: Service and help to all mankind. When in need, call a country cousin.

Site Organization

Member's Roster can be found on the Members link on the navigation panel to the right. Information on the Annual Ryderwood Picnic including maps and directions can be found on the Activities and Events link. Browse the various links for other information about the Northwest Country Cousins. Scroll down for News and Events and Striking For Membership.

Last Update: March 29, 2015 - 1700 UTC

Net News And Information:

Ole will be at his place for the next few days doing cleanup from a fire so any donations can be sent to his address:

Ole M Johnson
12300 Miller Rd NE
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

Donations can also be made at WV7B Fire Donations

A quick update, over $3000 has been raised so far to help Cousin Ole.
Cousin Joe tells me Ole and his cat are safe, but the trailer itself is a total loss.
Pictures can be seen on the gofundme site. Just click the WV7B Fire Donations link above.

Welcome to our new Cousins!

#1772 N4SMF Steve out of Weaverville, CA
#1773 WQ7E John out of Woodinville, WA

Now we can quit being nice to you. :)
Welcome to the Northwest Country Cousins David, and as a welcome gift, 10 pushups from our local Sheriff and dog catcher,
Cousin Jim, W7ZHQ. If you're not in shape now, don't worry, Cousin Jim will get you there.

--KD7YVV, Webmaster

Please look at the member roster, and send me any information on missing callsigns.
Most of them are SK and have no information, so if you have logs or remember who and where
a member was from, please use the link at the bottom of the members page.
(don't forget to remove OBVIOUS) to email me.

For all that would like the Roster program I've written, here is the link.

Updated Roster Program

Just unzip the program and its roster file into an empty directory.

Net Officers:

  • President: Oly, WV7B
  • Vice-President: John, KF7PCL
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Bud, W7CWY
  • Project Manager: Jerry, KA6WYX
  • Sheriff/Dog Catcher/Executioner: Jim, W7ZHQ

Striking For Membership

Visitors are always welcome on the Northwest Country Cousins net and welcome at all other activities and events (e.g. annual picnic). But, if you enjoy our company and want to be called a cousin and suffer the wrath of our sheriff/dog catcher (aka, push-up Jim, W7ZHQ), then you will want to strike for membership.

To become a member you need to check into the Northwest Country Cousins net four nights (of the same night of the week) consecutively in five weeks. That is, if you are checking in on a Monday night, you need to check into the net on each subsequent Monday night over the next five weeks. You are allowed to miss one week. This process is called striking for membership. Strikers often will check in on multiple nights of the week. This way, if you miss a night or two, you have other nights available. Strikers must record the date of each strike night and the call sign of the net control operator for that night.

Once you have met the total of four required strikes on the same night of the week, you need to do the following to become a member:

  1. Write a brief letter describing yourself, your family, your other hobbies, your favorite car, your dog, or something else interesting about you.
  2. Send the letter and the record of the nights you checked into the net to the secretary, along with a photo or QSL card if you have one, and a $5 bill as your one-time and only dues to become a lifetime member.

The current net secretary is Bud Condrey, W7CWY

Bud Condrey
100 West Little Island Road
Cathlamet, WA 98612

The net secretary will read your letter on the air during a night when you are listening -- so be sure to check in frequently after sending in your letter and receive a big welcome from the cousins.